What is PAW?

Padjadjaran Accounting Week

Padjadjaran Accounting Week (PAW) is the biggest annual event held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Akuntansi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Padjadjaran. It was created four years ago as a place to commu nicate opinions, innovations, and solu tions on matters related to economics. Today, we stand by those essential purposes with renewed methods but the same core principle. PAW 2017 aims to raise topics within the scope of the economy as it happens that deserves and should be recognized and analyzed. Our end goal is to be an intersection in which society’s questions and ideas meet the main actors of the specific issues. In association with IKATAN AKUNTAN INDONESIA

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This year PAW Consists of two events

Padjadjaran National Competition

Padjadjaran National Competition (PNC) 2017 adalah salah satu rangkaian utama dari Padjadjaran Accounting Week (PAW) 2017 yang merupakan kompetisi berskala nasional.
The registration for the NATIONAL COMPETITION have been closed. Thank you for the 50+ teams that will be participating in the NATIONAL COMPETITION

International Seminar

International Seminar is aimed to bring up the issue to the surface, introduce it, enlighten the different perspectives of it, and then facilitate responses from the audience. This seminar will hopefully prompt conversations regarding the issue and raise awareness of it, especially for entities possessing particular significance over it. Tickets for International Seminar will be on sale October 9th.


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Cultural Night



Traditional night

Field Trip

Saung Angklung Udjoe

Saung Angklung Udjoe


Jesica Porogoi

PAW 2016
PAW 2016 was one of my incredible journeys to gain a valuable experience, to be able meeting lots of friendly friends across indonesia who are very competitive and compete with them. We were also given a chance to experience bandung culturally and academically through angklung music, company visit and field trip, so many things could be learned. All the stages of competition were also incredibly fun. Thank you PAW 2016 committees for the warm hospitalities!
PAW International Conference is undoubtedly a must-join competition. Apart from highlighting contemporary academic topics, the event also provides a platform to meet and exchange ideas with wonderful individuals.

Albert Sani

PAW 2016

Jesica Imanuel

PAW 2015 & PAW 2016
PAW brings competition, discussion, accounting and fun in one package. We also have the opportunity met and be friend with a lot of amazing people from this event. I truly recommend all of future accountants to join this event. It's a must!.
It was such an amazing opportunity to join PAW 2015, when different individuals valuing each other’s mind and opinions, until we finally conclude the best solutions for a better world. PAW 2015 : Superb!

Ajeng Hilarysa

PAW 2015


This Year PAW Will Be Held At

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